Developer files application for 55-storey Granville Gateway tower

1.42 Acres Once Slated For Non-Profit Housing, now to be city’s fourth-tallest high-rise to echo Vancouver House opposite, to create new “Granville Gateway”.

Put #LiveabilityFirst

It’s time the City of Vancouver looked at directly providing city lands for community and housing uses, rather than relying upon massive and intrusive developer-led projects such as this destructive ‘Vancouver Gateway’ concept.

About The Application

601 Beach Crescent

The City of Vancouver has received an application from GBL Architects Ltd. to rezone the site that was designated for social housing to a new Comprehensive Development (CD-1) District to permit the development of a 55-storey mixed-use building which includes:

    • 303 market residential units and 152 social housing units;
    • a floor space ratio (FSR) of 7.95;
    • 2,028 sq. m (21.828sq. ft.) of commercial space at grade;
    • a floor area of 48,423 sq. m (521,225 sq. ft.);
    • a building height of 163 m (535 ft.); and
    • 455 parking spaces and 970 bicycle spaces.

The application is being considered under the Higher Buildings Policy (pdf). Urban Design Panel meeting was Feb., 20, 2019. Read the Minutes: udpminutes02202019 (pdf).

RECOMMENDATION to Council June 21, 2020 (pdf):

Review the application and referral report then write to city hall with your comments. PUBLIC HEARING SCHEDULED: Thursday, September 17, 2020 at 6 pm. Now is the chance for taxpayers and citizens to scrutinize the details and ensure the City puts #LiveabilityFirst for this public land on behalf of the people it serves, the people of Vancouver.


Social Housing & Housing Affordability for Median Residents.

The Vision Vancouver-majority city council decided to sell land earmarked for non-profit housing to a luxury tower developer. The result is a rezoning application for a 55-storey tower with 303 market residential units. More unaffordable housing that resident Vancouverites will not be capable of purchasing or living in. We call on the City to use this site for liveable, affordable housing as it was intended.


Where is the Urban Planning for Infrastructure, Traffic, Air Quality, Schools & Families, Shadowing, Daylighting?

Just because it’s physically possible to squeeze more buildings and people into a city doesn’t mean that you should. Vancouver wants and needs a variety of affordable housing, just as we need the city infrastructure to keep up with rapidly increasing density. Positive density has to be relative to what already exists and what will meet the needs of the community.

Higher Buildings Policy

Higher buildings in the downtown impact “the very character” of the city.

All Higher Buildings should be considered with careful effort to provide a public legacy to Vancouver through community benefits, public amenities and architectural excellence. By allowing Higher Buildings that do not provide a lasting and meaningful contribution, we will set precedence for other real estate developers to pressure the city to allow them to penetrate the cityscape. This will be the end of Vancouver’s unique mountain skyline as we know it.


Get Involved – PUBLIC HEARING SCHEDULED: Thursday, September 17, 2020 at 6 pm. Commenting helps the City Council consider if the application needs to be revised. There are three to four ways to give your feedback about the rezoning application.


Review the Referral Report, Application, and Urban Design Panel Minutes and Comment Online.


Sign the Online Petition.


Write a Letter to the Editor in support of the False Creek North Official Development Plan and to deny the Rezoning Application at 601 Beach Crescent.

Share this Application to Social Media. When you post use the hashtags #LiveabilityFirst #PinnacleTower 

Talk to your friends and neighbours. Make sure they are aware of what is being planned for that site. Ask them to sign the online petition if they agree with your concerns.


Speak at the 601 Beach Crescent PUBLIC HEARING SCHEDULED: Thursday, September 17, 2020 at 6 pm. Let the Mayor and City Councillors know that huge towers at the expense of liveability are not acceptable on Beach Crescent.

Sign Petition
Hurry! Tell the City of Vancouver you do not support the 601 Beach Crescent Rezoning Application before it is too late.

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Put Liveability First. Maintain the current site zoning for 601 Beach Crescent, Vancouver.

I Oppose Rezoning Application - 601 Beach Crescent

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End date: Sep 30, 2020

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601 Beach Crescent Rezoning

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