Excerpt: The intent of this plan is to achieve a high standard of design and development within a number of residential neighbourhoods, parks, public facilities, and commercial areas within False Creek North. It is also intended that the buildings, open spaces, circulation patterns, and land uses be designed and planned to complement and take advantage of the setting on the water, with a southern aspect, near the centre of the city.

Create Lively Places Having Strong Imageability

Open spaces, including streets, parks, plazas, and walkways, should be planned and designed tobe identifiable, memorable, and lively. The following considerations apply:

  • multiple functions should be accommodated;
  • overlooks from nearby buildings should occur;
  • street right-of-way widths and building setbacks should be set to reduce the impacts of traffic while facilitating its efficient movement;
  • spaces should be consciously and positively designed, not left over as remnants of building arrangements;
  • large spaces and long streets, such as Pacific Boulevard, should be divided by adjacentdevelopment into sub-areas that have a scale comfortable for pedestrians; and
  • grand avenues, vistas, and focal points should be facilitated.

Plan For All Age Groups With A Particular Emphasis on Children

To achieve robust neighbourhoods which have flexibility to accommodate all residents and to achieve the City objective of accommodating families with children, planning and designing for the needs of children should be emphasized. The following should be considered:

  • safety and security without sanitizing the environment;
  • parks, school, day care and other facilities needs; and
  • public settings for socializing

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