Homeless counts have taken place across the Metro Vancouver region every three years since 2002. The City of Vancouver started conducting an annual count in 2010. Each year, the count takes place throughout the city over a 24 hour period in March, inside shelters during the evening, and on the streets the next day.

Although counts do not give us a full picture of the extent of homelessness, the counts provide critical information on the number and characteristics of the homeless population, and how this population has changed over time.

The 2020 Metro Vancouver count found that in Vancouver:

  • 2,095 residents identified as homeless
  • 547 people were living on the street
  • 1,548 people were living in sheltered locations, including emergency shelters, detox centres, safe houses, and hospitals, with no fixed address

Aug 5, 2020 https://vancouver.ca/people-programs/homeless-count.aspx#:~:text=2020%20Homeless%20Count,-This%20year’s%20homeless&text=The%202020%20Metro%20Vancouver%20count,2%2C095%20residents%20identified%20as%20homeless

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