601 Beach Crescent rezoning (55 storey tower at Granville northeast bridgehead): Public Hearing 17-Sep-2020 (Thurs)


We point out that whatever were the steps leading up to this point, our elected officials are in no way “fettered” or obligated to support this or any application when it reaches the Public Hearing. They are, in principle and in law, absolutely free to vote oppose, support, or abstain, based on what they hear from the public…

…“This land was given to the city, by Concord, for social housing. Now the city has sold it. It was supposed to be 17 storeys but has now morphed into 55 storeys with separate entrances.” We also know that many neighbours now living in the community chose to live there knowing and accepting the idea that a medium-sized social housing development would be coming. As we have witnessed with other dramatic rezonings that have come forward in the past several years, this change to 55 storeys seriously erodes trust in the integrity of this city’s planners and planning processes…

It’s worth noting that the social housing component was already part of the requirements of this site and it was promised a very long time ago. Only about 30% of 152 so-called “social housing” units are at HILS rate, which leaves the remainder as rental. The City would also receive $12.1 million for supported housing in terms of Community Amenity Contributions (CACs). The rezoning includes a number of changes to the North East False Creek Official Development Plan (NEFC ODP).

Sep 16, 2020 https://cityhallwatch.wordpress.com/2020/09/16/601-beach-cresc-55-storeys-sept17-public-hearing/

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