Urban Design Panel Oct 13

Meetings will now be held in-person and are open to the public to attend. All provincial health guidelines and social distancing protocols must be adhered to.

Meeting: Wednesday, October 13, 4pm
Location: Joe Wai Meeting Room, Main Floor – City Hall, 453 W 12 Ave
601 Beach Crescent
Time: 5:20pm
Contact: Miguel Castillo Ureña, 604-871-6025

The Urban Design Panel provides expert advice to staff and Council and is not a forum for direct public input. The procedure will remain the same for in-person meetings as had been in place for virtual meetings. The public may observe meetings in progress but may not address the panel. Members of the public who wish to comment on the application may do so at any time by contacting the planner for the relevant application as indicated above.

DOWNLOAD Agenda (pdf):

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