The City of Vancouver has received a revised application to rezone 601 Beach Crescent to a new CD-1 (Comprehensive Development) District. This revised application from GBL Architects Ltd.  was submitted on October 22nd, 2019, in response to feedback received through public consultation and advisory groups to permit the development of a 55-storey mixed-use building which...
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URBAN DESIGN PANEL MINUTES February 20, 2019 Minutes: udpminutes02202019 (pdf) The Urban Design Panel find the 601 Beach Crescent social housing units facing the bridge are not liveable. The buildings should be more aligned with the east side, there would be more sun and liveability of the social housing sites. The Panel recommends Design development...
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The City of Vancouver has received an application from GBL Architects Ltd. to rezone the site to a new Comprehensive Development (CD-1) District to permit the development of a 54-storey mixed-use building which includes: 303 market residential units and 152 social housing units; a floor space ratio (FSR) of 7.23; 2,094 sq. m (22,543 sq....
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Excerpt: The following should be considered when reviewing proposals for Higher Buildings (i.e. those which significantly exceed current height limits and/or enter into the Queen Elizabeth View Corridor): All Higher Buildings must establish a significant and recognizable new benchmark forarchitectural creativity and excellence, while making a significant contribution to the beautyand visual power of the...
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Excerpt: On April 10, 1997, Council approved policies regarding the siting and massing of buildings adjacent to the Burrard Bridgeheads (north and south), the Granville Bridgehead (north), the Cambie Bridgehead (south) and the Georgia Viaduct Bridgehead (east) with the following objectives: –protecting key public views from the bridges; –respecting and enhancing the experience of crossing the bridges; –encouraging,...
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Excerpt: The intent of this plan is to achieve a high standard of design and development within a number of residential neighbourhoods, parks, public facilities, and commercial areas within False Creek North. It is also intended that the buildings, open spaces, circulation patterns, and land uses be designed and planned to complement and take advantage of...
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