Urban Development Panel – Feb 20

The Urban Design Panel (UDP) advises City Council and staff about development proposals or policies, including major development applications, rezoning applications, and other projects of public interest. The UDP does not approve or refuse projects or make policy decisions. The application at 601 Beach Crescent, Vancouver, BC was reviewed on February 20, 2019.


  •       1. Presentations - Track One (mp3)
  •       2. Deliberations - Track Two (mp3)

Jim Huffman

Panel Members:
Helen Avini Besharat
Amela Brudar
Jeniffer Marshall
Derek Neale
Grant Newfield
Colette Parsons
Susan Ockwell
Munsheen Sharma
Jeniffer Stamp
Yijin Wen
Matt Younger

Guest Panel Members:
Peter Cardew
Laura Jimenez
Karen Marler
Robin Williams